Should Radio Personalities Rehearse Their Shows?

Want to show a jock the importance of rehearsals and show prep?  Show them this video:

Keep in mind the following:

1) He set up his video recorder (probably his phone) hooked it into the air feed and recorded this bit, so he knew it was coming.

2) He didn't stumble, stammer or hesitate.  He knew his lines and delivered them perfectly.  How often to do think he rehearsed?

3) Biggest point - he had only ONE chance to do this right.  And he did.

One of the most celebrated personalities on a music formatted radio station in the US.  I'd love to know how and when he rehearses this bits.

A Great Hotel Room, But What's Missing?

A Great Hotel Room, But What's Missing?  I recently enjoyed a trip to Chicago for a wedding.  Fun town, great weekend, and I discovered a new hotel brand - Sheraton Aloft (only because we couldn't get into the hotel we wanted.) Aloft is a sort of "hipster" downscale version of Sheraton - smaller rooms, cheaper rates, no swimming pool but a pool table in the lobby. 
Big bed, huge flat screen, cordless phone and overall very comfortable.  I was excited to get into the room especially to get a first listen to Me TV FM - the soft oldies station in Chicago that airs on the TV frequency 87.7 FM.  But alas, that was not to be.  Because of everything else Sheraton included in this room, they did not include a radio. First time for me ever to not have some cheap AM/FM on the table next to the bed at the hotel.  Just a retro alarm clock. Sorry, Rick, wish I could tell you how great your station sounds last weekend.

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Post Revisit - Millennials Still Love Radio, Even if They Aren't Paying Attention

Welcome to new readers of this blog, and thanks to Tom Taylor for the plug earlier this week.  As I'm out of the office (stepson getting married this weekend in Chicago) I'd thought I would repost this story from earlier this year.  New stories back after the hangover goes away.  

I’m lucky to be back in Columbus, Ohio - my hometown - I spend a lot of time with family, especially nieces and nephews and their friends.
The other day, I was “volunteered” to transport three of my niece’s girlfriends from campus to a “secret party location” (that way they would be forced to spend the night or safely Uber home.) They all piled in the backseat and begged to stop at the gas station on the way for cigarettes and six-packs (they were all old enough and uncles don’t judge.)  Once we got on the road they were excited to ask me questions and talk about music and radio.  
“We love radio.. we listen all the time, it’s free and this one station plays great music.  The Blitz - can we listen to th…

Full Service Radio Can Still be a Successful Format

(Welcome to new readers of my blog, and thanks to Tom Taylor for the plug.  Here's one of my more quoted and read posts. Thanks to Sean Ross for allowing me to write this guest column for his "Ross on Radio" newsletter.  Sign up for my "Brainstorming Radio" newsletter here.)

As a young Reds fan living outside Cincinnati, I grew up listening to Full Service Radio without knowing it.  WLW – “The Nation’s Station” - was always on the radio at my house. They played music, current Top 40 songs (not all of them – the industry called it “chicken rock.”) They had news – top and bottom of every hour – along with weather, traffic and all sorts of information. High profile personalities (James Francis Patrick O’Neill, “The Morning Mayor” and Rich King in the afternoon) were on every daypart. It met the listening needs of everyone in our household (until I became an unruly teenager and discovered WSAI.)  It also met the needs of a lot of listeners (up until the mid 70’s, WL…

iHeart is Leaving Money on the Table

I recently met a small business person in Columbus Ohio who wanted my advice about advertising, especially radio.  He wanted to promote an upcoming sales event and was trying to get information from Columbus radio stations, including the iHeart Radio cluster.

(Disclaimer: Since I didn't transcribe or record the conversation, I'm paraphrasing his story here.)

"I went to the WTVN (local iHeart news/talk station) website and saw their telephone number -  an 800 number.  I called and the person on the other end of the phone was really no help.  They didn't know what stations were in Columbus, did not ask me any questions about my business or what my needs were, all they wanted to know what how much money I wanted to spend and what my credit was. After I hung up, I got an email with a proposed schedule that included stations I had never heard of!

So we called Sunny 95 - it was a local number.  Someone named Susan spent about 20 minutes with me on the phone, asked me a lot…

How Radio Should Sell Against Online Ads

Here's an ad I saw today - June 7, 2017 - on (I was looking at the Reds box score.)

Some ad agency somewhere is paying for this ad!!!  And wasting their money...

Sgt. Pepper Turned 50 Today

And your Facebook page shows your "50% off" sale and a video from a car dealer remote?   Shame...