What Format is "Beats 1"?

Would you believe the "biggest radio station in the world" played this four song set recently?

White Flag - Dido
Stan - Eminem ft. Dido
Chameleon - Pnau (no, I hadn't heard of them either - here's a link)
Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

The jock - Elton John during his weekly "Rocket Hour" program.

Beats 1 Radio (which you can ONLY listen to on an iPhone or thru iTunes) is "the biggest radio station in the world" according to Apple Music's Larry Jackson. "There’s no way you’re going to find another station that has as many concurrent listeners and audience-wise as Beats 1, period.”  

How do you describe their format?  Would love your answer -

Why You Should Protect Your Social Media Passwords

Something tells me a disgruntled RS employee in Ohio isn't happy that the store is closing.
Here's a link to the page, but be careful - adult language!  

Millennials - They Still Love Radio, but Are They Paying Attention?

I’m lucky to be back in Columbus, Ohio - my hometown - I spend a lot of time with family, especially nieces and nephews and their friends.
The other day, I was “volunteered” to transport three of my niece’s girlfriends from campus to a “secret party location” (that way they would be forced to spend the night or safely Uber home.) They all piled in the backseat and begged to stop at the gas station on the way for cigarettes and six-packs (they were all old enough and uncles don’t judge.)  Once we got on the road they were excited to ask me questions and talk about music and radio.  
“We love radio.. we listen all the time, it’s free and this one station plays great music.  The Blitz - can we listen to the Blitz?”  
I wasn’t surprised.  As their website states -  “99.7 The Blitz WRKZ Columbus Ohio is an active rock radio station featuring artists like Metallica, Nirvana, Korn, Soundgarden, Disturbed and Tool.” Not my cup of tea, but I was just the chauffeur, so I flipped it on and started …

Are We Leaving More Money on the Table?

A New York Times article Sunday reported how advertisers were pulling their ads from Google "amid concern that the technology giant is not doing enough to prevent brands from showing up next to offensive content." Why isn't the RAB or some other radio entity lining up to scream "WE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU!!!"

What Are We Selling?

I'm a customer of a new startup car insurance company Root Insurance (I've met the principals- read the story here.) Got their first true marketing email yesterday offering me $25 cash per referral.  They will also pay $25 to the person I refer if they go all the way thru their process and get a rate quote.To be clear this new startup will pay $50 cash money per lead.

And radio salespeople are still walking into clients trying to sell 60's and 30's and the latest package...

Sales Tip from a Programmer

Set up training sessions for jocks on endorsement/live spots.  The best live spots are stories – true life stories about a successful experience with the sponsor. The worst use pre-written copy that sounds read instead of experienced.  One of the best radio product endorsers – Rush Limbaugh.  Put aside your politics and listen to how he delivers a live spot, and use it in your training.

Sell title sponsorships to everything and work with jocks to make saying it second nature.  The “Randy’s Volvo” Prize Closet, the “Stanley Steemer” Contest Line, the “Panera Bread” Text Line – ESPN Radio does the best job of this and it can become a valuable asset on the station.   

And don’t underprice it.  At WIKY in Evansville, Indiana we sold an hourly “time check” to a local jeweler with a :15 co-op Rolex mention attached and we sold it at a Rolex-like price. It’s still on the air after five years and I’m sure it’s paid for a car or vacation for some lucky AE.

Shop At Your Advertisers

I would always encourage jocks and staff members to shop at clients and troll for leads. While the "Be a LEADer" program at Cumulus is a great idea, I'm disappointed in the execution using a cartoon wolf that I'm sure is getting mocked in jock lounges around the country. And maybe Cumulus knows that now, as the Vimeo video is now marked "PRIVATE" and can't be viewed.  Better idea - Instead of spending all that money on animation, print business cards for staffers to hand out, thanking current clients for their business (and showing that station employees are shopping there.) The card should also contain all sales dept. contact info and perhaps a special offer or discount.