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The Everything But Christmas Station?

Anybody ever thought about playing NO holiday music in December?  Use a lot of imaging and position yourself as the "escape from all of that" station?  Could this be a better way of introducing a new format?

Radio Peeps

You use Facebook to promote the station and help your advertisers.  How about recruiting?   Radio Peeps is a private Facebook group just for on air people (I'm sure at least one of your jocks is a member.)  I received three referrals (and the candidate we hired) from posting a job opening there.

Radio Peeps on Facebook

Quick Tips

Face it, you don't have time to read long blog posts and online bloviation.  But every once and a while, a "Brainstorming Quick Tip" could motivate you to act or solve a problem you didn't know you had.  Brainstorms will always be short and sweet. We'll post them here on the blog as well.

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