Recycling Content

Really good programming should never be considered "one and done!" Just check your stats and discover what percentage of your total cume doesn't hear the morning show.  Great content can and should be recycled - not just in podcasts.   MSNBC's "Morning Joe" replays the 6am hour at 8am EVERY DAY (I would think that is a time zone thing.)  Two great examples of using great content more than once -

From - "CUMULUS MEDIA Rock KLOS/LOS ANGELES has developed “The FROSTY, HEIDI & FRANK Night Shift”, which will air MONDAY through THURSDAY from 9-11p."  

And ABC will give you the best of Good Morning America to air every evening 7pm - Midnight on GMA After Hours. Would think that the local ABC affiliate would team up with your station if you chose that.  


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