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Shop At Your Advertisers

I would always encourage jocks and staff members to shop at clients and troll for leads. While the "Be a LEADer" program at Cumulus is a great idea, I'm disappointed in the execution using a cartoon wolf that I'm sure is getting mocked in jock lounges around the country. And maybe Cumulus knows that now, as the Vimeo video is now marked "PRIVATE" and can't be viewed.  Better idea - Instead of spending all that money on animation, print business cards for staffers to hand out, thanking current clients for their business (and showing that station employees are shopping there.) The card should also contain all sales dept. contact info and perhaps a special offer or discount.

"Local" Beats PurePlay, At Least for Clients

Enjoying Pandora Radio the last few days just to check it out.  As always, it tends to slow down the tempo too much for me (Yeah, Yeah I can thumbs up and thumbs down but I'm doing something else while listening.)  And only one thirty-second commercial every 4 or 5 songs is certainly tolerable.  But someone needs to call the ad agency that handles the Indiana State "Hoosier Lottery."  I'm over 150 miles from being able to buy an Indiana Lottery ticket, so all the spots I've heard over the last three days are pretty much wasted money.  If any enthusiastic Indiana radio salespeople need backup let me know - I'd be glad to tell them about it.

Your Station Runs Too Many Commercials Part 2

Last year, Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live told Ad Age that he was cutting about 1/3 of the ads that ran during the show.  “This will... make it easier to watch the show live.”
Last season, NFL TV ratings were consistently down. Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti says he knows why.“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that nobody wants to see two minutes of commercials, come back, kick the ball and then go to a minute-and-a-half of commercials,” Bisciotti said. “I’ve thought that was absurd since I was 20 years old.”
Last week, Bob Iger of Disney reported a decline in revenues at ABC and ESPN because “in general there is probably too much commercial interruption in television.”
This …

Own Your Own Business

Radio jobs are becoming rare. Perhaps you've been downsized (or dreading it with the upcoming consolidation.) I've been helping startup businesses for a few years, and I've met many people who want to go into business for themselves, but aren't sure exactly what it entails or how to do it. 
My suggestion - Become an UBER driver. You can get paid to learn how to run your own business - time and asset management, customer service, business bookkeeping, tax implications of self-employment. It is a profitable method of finding out if you have it in you to run your own business. Use this invite code 36b8w and sign up here - Just want a free ride - open an account and use the same code - 36b8w - and get your first ride free on me.

Reach Out and Read

Looking for a cause? Reach Out and Read is a nationwide volunteer program that hands out books to kids - both new and "gently read" - from birth to age 5. I'm a volunteer reader at the clinics of Nationwide Children's Hospital on Columbus. They will supply all the materials for a book drive, which might be a great way to boost a remote (or get one booked.) Details here -

Fifty Shades of Embarassing

Leave it to a radio station to make the "50 Shades" movie series even creepier.

I heard a station today giving away movie tickets and a sex shop gift card to promote "50 Shades Darker."  They had a woman reading paragraphs from the book as the "cue to call in."  The creepy part - The bit was introduced with a CHILD'S voice saying "Tell Me a Story."  Not sure the antics of Christian Gray are acceptable children's stories...