Your Station Runs Too Many Commercials Part 2

Last year, Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live told Ad Age that he was cutting about 1/3 of the ads that ran during the show.  “This will... make it easier to watch the show live.” 

Last season, NFL TV ratings were consistently down. Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti says he knows why.  “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that nobody wants to see two minutes of commercials, come back, kick the ball and then go to a minute-and-a-half of commercials,” Bisciotti said. “I’ve thought that was absurd since I was 20 years old.”

Last week, Bob Iger of Disney reported a decline in revenues at ABC and ESPN because “in general there is probably too much commercial interruption in television.”

This morning, I had a short trip to the market in my car – five or six minutes maybe.  I was listening to WODC – 93.3 The Bus – in Columbus and all I heard were commercials. 

I just looked at the agendas for both major radio conference coming up in 2017.  Lots of podcasting, hit picking and digitizing, but not one session on spotloads. 

It is the invisible elephant siting in the conference room.  Everybody smells it, but no one wants to talk about it.   At least nobody in radio.


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