A Great Hotel Room, But What's Missing?

A Great Hotel Room, But What's Missing? 

I recently enjoyed a trip to Chicago for a wedding.  Fun town, great weekend, and I discovered a new hotel brand - Sheraton Aloft (only because we couldn't get into the hotel we wanted.) Aloft is a sort of "hipster" downscale version of Sheraton - smaller rooms, cheaper rates, no swimming pool but a pool table in the lobby. 
Big bed, huge flat screen, cordless phone and overall very comfortable.  I was excited to get into the room especially to get a first listen to Me TV FM - the soft oldies station in Chicago that airs on the TV frequency 87.7 FM.  But alas, that was not to be.  Because of everything else Sheraton included in this room, they did not include a radio. First time for me ever to not have some cheap AM/FM on the table next to the bed at the hotel.  Just a retro alarm clock. Sorry, Rick, wish I could tell you how great your station sounds last weekend.



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